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why does food coloring change the color of plants the food coloring is dissolved into the water meaning the food coloring is pulled up into the plant along with the water unlike the water however food coloring cannot evaporate this means the food coloring can enter the plant but cannot leave it because the food coloring is non toxic this does not kill the plant but it definitely does color the plant why do flowers change color in food coloring – experiment by angela updated on august 10 2019 july 9 2019 leave a ment on why do flowers change color in food coloring – experiment for kids you can now change the flower color at home and at any time during the year what white flowers can you change the color of with food use a basic palette of red blue green and yellow food coloring to dye white flowers or make new colors such as purple or orange by mixing several drops of different food colorings in the water color changing carnation flowers experiments coloring the water with food coloring does not harm the plant but it allows you to see the movement of water into the flower splitting the stem simply proves that the tiny tubes in the stem run all the way through the stem from the water to the petals of the flowers our unofficial tests indicated that the blue food color went up the carnations the fastest followed by the red and then the green food colors how do flowers absorb colored water as the plant begins drinking the water you will begin to see the spread of the food coloring in the flowers in a few hours as capillary action begins in the roots or with cut flowers in the stem it will wind up in the flower and eventually will evaporate as water vapor with this experiment you can try different colored flowers to see if colors will mix or you can mix food dyes and see what happens in a white bloom

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